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Tauranga's first and only French Creperie. Le Chat Noir offers an extensive crepe menu, as well as sandwiches made to order on baguette and ciabatta bread. The cafe is licensed and offers French and Kiwi beers, as well as French and Kiwi wines, cider, Champagne and French bubbly

All patisseries, cakes and pastries are homemade.



Hailed from England, Geoff's 45 years of chef experiences has assisted New Zealand to define "affordable quality cuisine".

He has left many foot prints as head chef in 5 stars hotels, such as Hilton and Sheraton. He also played a vital role on shaping the scene of kiwi's food and beverage industry. As the national cookery examiner, nobody would be crowned "chef" before passing the exam Geoff designed.

The origin of his cooking talent goes way back to when he was classmate of Reginald Dwight & Farrokh Bulsara (yes that Elton and Freddie). There were times that, Geoff acted in theatre for several internationally renowned plays (such as Trainspotting, Full Monty), while searching for his own artistic cooking style. Geoff's passion for life is second to none. Food is essential to it, and he's making the quintessential Geoff's cuisine with his continuous adaptive & re-inventing cooking style.



If Geoff's the backbone, Swiss-made Betty shall be the soul. She enjoys connecting with people. At Le Chat Noir, you enter as a stranger and leave as a friend. Betty loves the idea of service without servility. It's that simple, and that spontaneous.

The Team


You don't need to understand cats behavior nor to speak feline at Le Chat Noir. The black cat will come to seek your attention once entered. Our excellent, good natured staff are attentive and lovable. No need to read the hips to feel the wonderful black cats spirit.


Come and feel the love. You will get as much TLC ( Tender Loving Care ) as you deserve.

Le Chat Noir



144 Chadwick Rd, Greerton, Tauranga 3112, New Zealand

07-579 9436